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Mr. Montiel


​Congratulations to the 4th grade on a successful concert!!!

Returning Recorders: All students who borrowed recorders from Mr. Montiel this year or last year from Mr. Scanlon must return their recorder to the Mackrille music room before June 15Feel free to ask Mr. Montiel any questions in the upcoming weeks. 

Opera: The annual Opera will take place on May 31st in the Gymnasium. 4th and 3rd grade students will attend the performance during the school day. They will be singing We Are The Stars, an original piece composed by the writers of the opera.  

Flag Day: Each grade level will sing at least one song during the flag day
Kindergarten: You're A Grand Old Flag. (whole school as well)
First Grade: Yankee Doodle
Second Grade: America The Beautiful
Third Grade: God Bless America
Fourth Grade: This Land Is Your Land. 

About me:

This is my second year teaching in the West Haven school district. Working with the students of Savin Rock and Mackrille Elementary school this past year has been a truly wonderful experience. I look forward to working with the students for the remainder of the year and the next year. Before coming to West Haven, I taught in the Simsbury school district as long term sub.

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