Mrs. Fanelli Grade 3

 Hello My Name Is...

                                                    Mrs. Fanelli
September 2018

                                        Welcome to Room 17!
    I look forward to having a great year with the students in my class!  I also look forward to meeting the parents, as we work together to make  third grade a successful school year. Parent support at home is very important.  Please set aside a quiet time and place for homework to be done.  Also, please practice reading at home. 
     I am giving each student a red homework folder. I am asking that parents check this folder each night for homework and remove the corrected papers and notices.  When the child completes the homework, please make sure that it is placed back in the folder and returned to school the next day.  As we begin the school year, many notices are being sent home.  Please read the notices and complete them, as soon as possible.
      In addition to a homework folder, the students will be bringing home a "My Reading Life" folder.  The folder will contain a book and a reading log.  The students are expected to read each night and fill in the log. The more the children read, the better readers they will become.

       Please remember to have your child  participate in the school-wide reading challenge each month. A notice will be sent home at the beginning of each month.  Each notice includes a due date at the end of the month. Classes with 100 percent participation often rewarded.

     Throughout the year, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.  Parents can send in a note with their child, send an email to me at,  or contact me by phone at (203) 931-6820. 

Suggested School Supplies

Crayons                         2 Glue sticks

Ruler                              Scissors

Erasers                           Pencil box

Pencils                           2 Spiral notebooks

Post-It Notes                 Headphones (an inexpensive pair)


The students will have snack each day, except for early dismissal days.  Some suggestions for snacks are: fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, crackers, water, etc.  ________________________________________________________________ 

Your child can practice math vocabulary skills on

You can access ebooks at RAZ KIDS.

Email me if you have any questions about user names
and passwords.
​​D.C. eagle cam
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