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Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a relaxing week off with family and friends!

Our classroom recently received a second iPad through Donors Choose.  Students have been utilizing it almost daily to practice their math facts and reading skills.  they love earning time on the iPad and their engagement is an amazing sight to see!  

In Kindergarten, we are continuing to work on identifying letters, sounds and sight words. We also continue to work on identifying, counting and writing numbers 11-20.  Students have also began to learn about addition and subtraction.  We play lots of games that help reinforce these skills.  
Second graders are continuing to work on addition and subtraction with regrouping  In reading, we are working on decoding words with consonant blends.    
Third graders have been hard at work!  We are working on providing text evidence to support our answers and summarizing literary texts.  
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Use these websites at home to help your children's skills grow over the school year! 
Xtra Math