Physical Education Mackrille School

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Physical Education

Welcome to a new school year!

Every class begins with exercises;
Grades 3 and 4  "Fitness practice"; pacer, sit and reach, curl-ups and push-ups
Grade 1 and 2 "Get and Good Start" exercise CD
Grade K and PK Mousercise exercise CD

Children are asked to wear comfortable clothing, and wear sneakers on days they come to the gym. Slippery shoes, and pants that are too long can cause accidents.

September Activities Include;
Kindergarten/Grade 1- rules/procedures/games/basketball shots
Grade 2- rules/procedures/games/basketball shots
Grade 3- rules/procedures/ learn fitness skills; pacer, sit and reach, push-ups, curl-ups/ learn and practice foul shot.
Grade 4- rules/procedures/ fitness practice, review fitness skills, begin fitness testing to be completed by Halloween/ foul shot review and practice.

October Activities Include;
Kindergarten- games/ basketball shots/rope jumping
Grade 1- games/ rope jumping.
Grade 2- football throwing and catching/rope jumping/games
Grade 3- football throwing and catching/ games/foul shot contest.
Grade 4 -fitness testing /foul shot contest/football throwing and catching/ games.

November Activities Include;
Grade 1- games/frisbee
Grade 2- games/frisbee
Grade 3- soccer/finish foul shot contest
Grade 4 soccer/finish foul shot contest
All grades begin soccer after Thanksgiving.

December Activities Include;
Kindergarten/Grade 1/ Grade 2-holiday games/soccer.
Grade 3- soccer/holiday games.
Grade 4 -soccer/speedball.

January Activities Include;
Kindergarten- soccer/hoops.
Grade 1-  soccer/hoops.
Grade 2- soccer/hoops.
Grade 3- soccer.
Grade 4- speedball.

February/March Activities Include;
Kindergarten- hoop activities/ball skills and activities.
Grade 1-hoop activities/ games/overhand throwing and partner catching/ball skills.
Grade 2/ hoop games /ball games and activities/overhand throwing and partner catching.
Grade 3- hoop games/basketball unit
Grade 4- hoop games/basketball unit

April/May Activities Include;
Kindergarten/Grade 1 -scooters/ underhand throwing and catching with large volleyballs.
Grade 2/ Grade 3- scooter handball/newcomb.
Grade 3- volleyball skills/ volleyball/newcomb games.
Grade 4- volleyball skills/volleyball games/class playdates.

June Activities Include;
Kindergarten/Grade 1- parachute/ lane bowling/games.
Grade 2- parachute/team bowling/ lane bowling/games.
Grade 3 and 4 -team bowling/ kickball/ lane bowling.

Have a wonderful, safe summer:)