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Welcome to Kindergarten, Room 22!

I am very excited to be teaching your child this year! Thank you for visiting our Kindergarten webpage. Parent/Guardian communication is extremely important. As always, please contact me with any questions/concerns. 

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Kindergarten Newsletters:

February Newsletter:

**During the Winter months we may have snow days, so it is important that you continue working with your children when we are not in school.  We miss valuable classroom time when this happens so your support at home is will help keep your child on the path to success.**

We have finished up Unit 3.  Beginning January 29th we will be beginning our next unit of letters/sounds and words.  Calendars and flashcards have come home.  If you need another copy please let us know.  Our third unit includes letters: Mm, Nn, Ww, Hh, Uu.  We will be working on the following words:  am, him, of, have, was, with, be, will, up, down.  Practice these words every day.  Ask your child to use the word in a sentence.  Identifying the words is very important but applying the words is just as important.    

READING:  Your children will be doing more independent reading in school.  Encourage your child to read at home.  Read with them; help them sound out new words.  Ask them what is happening in the story, who are the characters, what is the setting, what are the characters doing, why are they doing it, etc.

The students have been working hard in Math.  We have finished adding and subtracting within 5.  We are now going to explore adding and subtracting within 10, as well as, composing and decomposing numbers 0-10. 

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!