Mrs. Stoner's Second Grade Classroom

Grade 2 Room 7

Mrs. Stoner

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 We warmly welcome spring and hope you’re enjoying the snow-free weather!  The second grade students will be working very hard this month.  During reading, they are studying non-fiction text features.  They will be learning that authors may include the following text features to help readers better understand the key facts of a text: captions, headings, bold print, italics, glossary, an index, diagrams, maps, footnotes and definitions.  Please encourage your child to read some non-fiction books for the reading challenge.  While they’re reading, have your child point out the text features found in the book
     In math, the second grade students will be learning about measurement.   At home you can help your child by having them measure objects with rulers, yard sticks, meter sticks, and tape measures.  
     In science, the students will study nutrition.  They will learn about the food groups, and look at the nutritional benefits of each.  They will also learn how the human body uses different nutrients.  For example, foods with calcium help build strong teeth and bones.
     At home, please continue to have your child read for Mrs. Drenzek's reading Journey.  The classes with one hundred percent participation get a reward.
     Please encourage your child to practice on the following education websites at home: (click on the product login, then Core 5),, and symphonylearning,com.  Links to these programs and other educational websites can be found on the teacher's web pages.

The following are websites that we use in school.  Your child should be using them at home as well.
Lexia Reading
Tumble Books
Xtra Math
Symphony Math
Math Magician

 Contact Information:
Phone number:  203-931-6820