Mrs. Fanelli Grade 3

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                                                        Mrs. Fanelli
October 2018

                                                Room 17

The third grade students are off to a wonderful start!  They are settling in nicely to routines and developing good work habits.
           In math, the students are learning strategies for multiplication and
division. They are drawing arrays, separating objects into equal groups, decomposing numbers, and writing repeated addition and subtraction number sentences. They are also solving multi-step word problems involving multiplication and division.  In order to be successful at math, the students need to practice their multiplication and division facts at home on a regular basis. 
          In reading, the students are "Building a Reading Life" through self-selected chapter books at their individual reading levels.
  The students are expected to read and fill in their logs each night. In class, the students are working on answering extended response questions using text evidence.  The extended response questions focus on predicting, summarizing, and identifying character traits.  

          In social studies, the students are studying Connecticut. They are learning about the state's resources, history, and geographic features.  This month,the students are also learning about the explorer, Christopher Columbus.

           In science, the students are studying "Forces and Interactions."  They are learning about balanced forces, unbalanced forces, and magnetic forces.  They will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of forces to real world situations. 

          For our Halloween celebration, the Grade 3 students are making human skeletons out of pasta.  Each student is going to assemble the bones (pasta) and label them accordingly.  This project is both fun and educational!

,,, and RAZ login information has been sent home.  Weare strongly encouraging children to use these educational resources at home.  Please contact your child's teacher, if you need another copy of the login information. 


Have a Happy Fall!

 Mrs. Fanelli


Throughout the year, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.  Parents can send in a note with their child, send an email to me at,  or contact me by phone at (203) 931-6820. 

Suggested School Supplies

Crayons                         2 Glue sticks

Ruler                              Scissors

Erasers                           Pencil box

Pencils                           2 Spiral notebooks

Post-It Notes                 Headphones (an inexpensive pair)


The students will have snack each day, except for early dismissal days.  Some suggestions for snacks are: fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, crackers, water, etc.  ________________________________________________________________ 

Your child can practice math vocabulary skills on

You can access ebooks at RAZ KIDS.

Email me if you have any questions about user names
and passwords.
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