Mrs. Fanelli Grade 3

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  Mrs. Fanelli

Room 17

             Happy Spring!  April will be a busy month for the third grade students, as they progress through the final marking period and prepare for SBAC. 
              In reading, the students will work on Unit 3 "Character Studies."  During this unit, they will read fiction and determine character traits and character changes.  They will recognize story elements and identify lessons that stories teach.                               
              In writing, the students will be working on opinion essays.  They will each write two essays.  In the first essay, the students will express their own opinion on their favorite season or holiday.  In the second essay, the students will  give their opinion on traits they believe a character in a story possesses.  After their rough drafts are written, they will work on editing and revising.  During the editing and revising process, the students will check for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and elaboration. When the essays are completed, the students will share their final drafts with each other
In math, the students will work on Unit 8 "Reasoning about Fraction Comparison and Equivalence." The students will use fraction strips to make comparisons, and they will also learn how to use cross-multiplication to compare fractions.  The students will write number sentences with fractions using the less than, greater than, and equal symbols. They will also identify equivalent fractions.                    
In science, the students will be working on Unit 4 “Natural Selection and Adaptation”  In this unit, the students will learn that fossils provide evidence of organisms that lived long ago.  They will also learn that different species have different characteristics that provide them with advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing. 
This year's third graders have been doing a wonderful job with their independent reading, at home.  They are becoming stronger readers!  The students should continue to read each night for 20 to 30 minutes and record the time on their reading logs.  As the students read, they should be thinking about important events and main ideas.  They should also continue to participate in the school-wide reading challenge.  Their participation in the reading challenges has been outstanding this year! April vacation will be April 16th -April 20th.  Have a wonderful week off  and enjoy the warmer weather!

                    Suggested School Supplies

Crayons                         2 Glue sticks

Ruler                              Scissors

Erasers                           Pencil box

Pencils                           2 Spiral notebooks

Post-It Notes                 Headphones (an inexpensive pair)


 Please keep food and drinks healthy.  Some suggestions are: fresh fruit, yogurt, water, etc. 

________________________________________________________________  Please remember to practice reading at home and participate in the

school-wide reading challenge.

Your child can practice vocabulary skills on

WordlyWise3000 .
You can access ebooks at RAZ KIDS.
Email me if you have any questions about user names
and passwords.
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