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We in Room 11 cannot believe how fast the year is going by!  

Our classroom is a feeling very thankful lately because not only did we receive an iPad through Donors Choose, but we will also received a ton of new games and activities that will help us reinforce the skills we are learning in the classroom.  We are lucky to have people who care about our education! Be sure to check out the album for pictures! 

In Kindergarten, we are continue to build the fluency of addition and subtraction within 20.  Students have began to learn about 2D, or flat shapes.  Students are also learning how to apply letter sounds in their reading and writing skills.
Second graders just finished their unit on 2D and 3D shapes.  This unit dealt with identifying shapes by name and certain attributes.  The current unit focuses on measurement.  Students have been learning how to measure using a ruler and also how to estimate length.  Students have also been working on building their fact fluency.  Students are also worker on their decoding and comprehension skills.  Students are being encouraged to answer questions using the RAP strategy.  

Third graders have been hard at work!  We are continuing to work on summarizing non-fiction texts by identifying the main idea and supporting details.  In math, our unit is on understanding fractions.  Students are learning how to read and label fractions by using fraction tiles.  We are also reviewing previously learned skills (word problems, rounding, addition and subtraction with regrouping)
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Use these websites at home to help your children's skills grow over the school year! 
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