Science Lab

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Mrs. Cosgrove



       The 2018 Science Fair is April 25th 6:00-7:30.
 Notices have gone home regarding projects. All Mackrille students are encouraged to do a Science Fair project. However, it is not mandatory to do a project in order to come to Science Night. We will have many exciting exhibits.
In Science Lab the students have been fully immersed in the new curriculum. This is what we have been working on.

Grade One-  First graders have learned how animals use parts of their bodies to get what they need for survival. They have compared animal parents to their offspring. Students are now exploring  light and sound.

Grade Two- Students have been studying habitats. They have learned how various plants and animals are adapted to survive in their environments. Now they are starting a unit on earth's processes. They are finding out how processes such as earthquakes and volcanoes change the earth's surface. They have explored weathering and erosion.

Grade Three- Third graders have completed a unit on ecosystems. They have discovered how biotic and abiotic things interact in a physical environment. Students are currently working on a science and engineering task that involves planning,designing, and building a new animal . The animal must have features that will allow it to survive in a certain habitat. Their creations are coming out great.

Grade Four- Fourth grade students have experimented with waves, discovering the properties, wavelength and amplitude. They have explored how waves move objects. Students have also studied information and technology.
Currently students are discovering earth's processes. They have completed a science and engineering task where they had to plan and design a way to stop or slow down erosion. They tested their designs and were very successful.

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