Science Lab

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Cosgrove



  Students have been very busy in Science Lab. They have enjoyed watching caterpillars complete their metamorphosis and become butterflies. 

Grade One-  Students are now exploring  light and sound.They made instruments and observed how the strings vibrate. Students went outside to find shadows. They also observed how light reflects off of a mirror. Ask your 1st grader what 3 things are needed to make a shadow.

Grade Two- Students are learning about plants. They can identify the parts of a plant and explain how each part helps the plant to survive. They are planting radish seeds and comparing the growth of those placed in the sun to those in the shade.

Grade Three- Third graders have completed a science and engineering task that involves planning,designing, and building a new animal . The animal must have features that will allow it to survive in a certain habitat. Their creations came out great. They have studied inherited traits and learned behavior.

Grade Four- Fourth grade students have been discovering earth's processes. They have completed a science and engineering task where they had to plan and design a way to stop or slow down erosion. They tested their designs and were very successful. Now they are planning and designing  buildings to be more earthquake resistant.

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