Science Lab

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Cosgrove



  Exciting things are happening in science lab. Fourth grade students were fortunate to have a visit from Dr. Prezant, a marine biology professor from Southern Connecticut State University. He did a wonderful  hands-on presentation on ocean animals.
  Students are very busy investigating and making discoveries. Here is what we are working on in each grade level.

Grade One-  Students have explored light and sound.They made instruments and observed how the strings vibrate. Students used flashlights to create shadows in the classroom. They are now learning about the sun and the moon.

Grade Two- Students have been learning about matter. Matter is anything that takes up space. They can identify  solid, liquid, and gas as the 3 states of matter. Second graders have changed liquid into a solid by freezing it. They have observed how water can change from a solid to a liquid to a gas, when heat is applied. Now the students are investigating absorbency of objects.

Grade Three- Third graders  have discovered force and motion. They have also explored magnets and created electromagnets. We are now starting a unit on ecosystems.

Grade Four- Fourth grade students are investigating energy. They have explored light, sound, and heat energy. Students have observed how energy can be transferred. Most recently, they have observed how energy is transferred when objects collide.

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