Science Lab

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Cosgrove



               Kindergartners have become  meteorologists as they learn about  weather.They can identify the four seasons and describe various weather conditions. They have created graphs of their favorite types of weather and made dials to identify daily weather changes. They have sorted articles of clothing into categories for the four seasons and can describe appropriate clothing for each various weather conditions.

                First graders have completed a unit about owls. They can describe how owls use parts of their bodies to get what they need to survive. Students can identify parts of the owl's structure and describe the functions of each part. They are now learning to distinguish between living and nonliving things.

                 Second grade has investigated soil. They can explain  how it is formed, what it contains, and how it helps us to survive. The students are now very excited to be learning about nutrition. I am sure you have seen your children reading food labels at home.

                Third graders have become geologists. They have  studied rocks and minerals. They tested their rocks for hardness, streaks, and magnetism. Students have learned how crystals form and will be bringing home the beautiful crystals that they created.

  Fourth graders have just finished a unit on electricity. They have discovered various ways to construct electrical circuits. Students are now studying the water cycle. Ask them how many gallons of water are needed to take a shower.