Science Lab

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Cosgrove



  Mackrille's Annual Science Night is coming  up. It will be held on April 24th 6:00-7:00. Exhibits include The Peabody Museum, The Discovery Museum, West Haven Land Trust, and many more. Students will be displaying their projects and investigations. It should be an educational and enjoyable evening for everyone.
  Students have been very busy  investigating and making discoveries in Science Lab. Here is what we are working on in each grade level.

Grade One-  Students have studied animals and their offspring. They are now learning about structure and function of plants and animals. Students are discovering how animals use parts of their bodies to get what they need to survive.

Grade Two- Students are exploring habitats. They can identify plants and animals from various habitats and explain how they are adapted to live in their environments.

Grade Three- Third graders  have learned about heredity. They can identify inherited and acquired traits. They are now investigating how environmental changes can affect traits. They have planted wheat grass seeds and are comparing growth of those that are watered and those that are not.

Grade Four- Fourth grade students are studying natural hazards. They have experimented  with liquefaction as a result of an earthquake. They are now planning, designing, and building models of earthquake resistant homes.

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