Classroom News


Happy December! 

It's hard to believe how quickly the school year is going by.  It's already December, and it's going to be an exciting month for the students.  Many activities and projects have been planned.  The first marking period has come to an end, and report cards will be distributed to the students on December 14, 2018.  Our field trip to Picasso Parties will be on December 7, 2018.  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to chaperone.  I really appreciate it, and the children love having family members join them.
        The students are making good progress in all areas of the curriculum.  We will begin Unit 2 in reading after completing our Unit 1 Common Assessment.  The students will be reading informational texts.  Our focus will be on identifying the main idea(s) and supporting details, synthesizing, summarizing, and questioning the text. The students will continue to practice responding both orally and in writing to open-ended questions.
          In math, we are working on place value.  The students are now reading, writing, and comparing numbers up to the thousands.  In some lessons, students will use manipulatives such as base ten blocks.  They are also playing math games during SRBI math groups to reinforce this concept.  Students are developing mental math strategies, and are learning how to round two-digit and three-digit numbers to the nearest ten or hundred.
        The students are continuing to work towards mastery of multiplication and division facts from 0-12. Please continue to help your child practice these math facts daily at home.  Xtra Math is a great resource to utilize toward achieving multiplication and division fact mastery.  Your child should also be using Splash Math and I Know It at home to improve math skills.
        Congratulations to all the students in Room 16 for once again completng the school wide reading initiative, Mrs. Drenzek's Reading Journey.  Thank you, parents, for supporting your child with this reading challenge.  Reading at home on a daily basis has a huge impact on your child's success! Reading builds background knowledge, reinforces spelling and grammar rules, and helps to build vocabulary.  Your child should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes per day.   
I would like to thank Mrs. Glynn, Christopher's mom, for the beautiful wreath that she created for our classroom door! It makes our classroom look festive and inviting! I would also like to wish all the families of my students a Happy and Healthy New Year!
                                         Happy Holidays,
                                         Susan Rawden